Our constantly expanding Jalapeno Pepper operation is already a very important part of our company (becoming a separate division by itself). The biggest advantage we have in general with all our peppers is that due to our weather conditions we grow them all year around throughout the country (Colombia). And like all we do, quality is always our biggest concern, so that you can count on our product as the best in the market.

Growing and processing peppers is quite a challenge! Our biggest activity is coordinating our human talent. It is a group of over 2,000 people working together from the seedlings, to planting, to harvesting to processing and finally distributing.

Our pepper fields are indeed a very nice part of this example. We work in conjunction with several organizations that helps us make this entire miracle happen. One of our inter-institutional cooperation examples are the Colombian Coffee Federation and the Forestry Division of the Smurfit Foundation that teamed up with Comexa to combine each others technical and sociological efforts to produce and supply the best peppers profitable to all.

Over 10 different Foundations work closely with Comexa to coordinate this magnificent human effort: Argos -one of the biggest cement companies in the world-, USAID, IMO –International Migration Organization-, CarboAndes –a Coal Multinational-, Animar Mission –projects promotion agency-, Incubar del Caribe –projects promotion agency-, Corporación Humanos –promoting employment and development in the Cartagena region-, Colombian Agriculture Department and the Carvajal Foundation –the biggest privately owned foundation in the country, and an example to the world.

A group of over 12 agronomists are responsible for the field’s management and the production of the best peppers under the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our company is also HACCP, ISO9000, KOSHER (Circle U) and BASC certified.

Technology has been our best response to a world in demand for low cost and high quality products. Our Jalapeno fields produce in average over 70 metric tones per hectare.

Fruit selection and processing at the plant are very important to assure the quality of the best Jalapeno Nachos (Also whole and dices) in the market.

We pack in gallon plastic jugs (1.48 drained kgs). 4 jugs to a case. In gallon plastic pouches (1.48 drained kgs). 6 pouches to a case.

In plastic pails (10.5 drained kgs). In 55 gallon metal drums with an internal plastic liner. (150 drained kgs).

Frozen jalapenos (whole, slices and dices ¾, ¼, and 1/8) are also part of our Jalapeno offer. Red Jalapeno Pepper mashes and pepper purees are also one of our very strong items. This is an important hot sauce ingredient. Red Jalapeno is also the base for the Sriracha hot sauces.

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